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And his Perfect Hands

He's coming He's coming He's Coming

"kitchen", "the goblin market", "utopia", accents, adaption, aesthetic philosophy, american lit., analyzing, angel in the house, anime, antidisestablishmentarianism, aporia, barbarian battles, being able to spell, beowulf, binary oppositions, bourdieu, cacophonous!, chainmail, chocolate cookies, christina rossetti, circle of fifths, classical music, clover, consumption, creative writing, cultural capital, dax, decompression sickness, deconstruction theory, deep space nine, derrida, dictionaries, distinction, dive computers, donnie darko, edward ii, english lit., enjambment, feminism, fighting over tagging, finnegans wake, florida springs, foam swords, ford maddox ford, formation of the novel, foucault, freud, gabriel marquez, german rosin, gingetsu, gold plated e string, gothic novel, grendel, gut strings, hysteria, i heart huckabees, identity, irish literature, james joyce, japanese, jean rhys, john ruskin, julian barnes, kafka, lady audley's secret, linguistics, madame bovary in french, magnolia, marriage market, marxist theory, matthew arnold, megacon, milton, mla owns my soul, modernism, mrs. dalloway, my back hurting, my cell phone dying, my feet hurting, neoprene, neutral buoyancy, new criticism, new historicism, north and south, not making sense, onomatopoeia, othello, paranoia, peer editing, pheonix saga, philosophy, piano, post it notes, post-colonial theory, pre-raphaelite brotherhood, proofreading, psychoanalytical theory, punch drunk love, quills, ran, reading, scales, scapulars, scuba cylinder, scuba diving, sonnets, sprezzatura, star trek, star trek next generation, stewie, structuralism, suu, suzuki books, t.s elliot, taciturn rivalries, tale of genji, tangent universes, tenant of wildfell hall, the aquatic life, the bourgeoisie, the courtier, the daily show, the good soldier, the labyrinth (literary theory), the panopticon, the proletariat, the red violin, the royal tenenbaums, the sublime, the transcendental signifier, thomas mann, thomas wyatt, to the lighthouse, verb tense in spanish, victorian domestic spheres, victorian texts, violins, where is she?, wide sargasso sea, wilkie collins, wit, world lit., x-men, yonic symbols